Happy Clients

Burke4Katy– A little late, but I wanted to thank you for making my life easier when it
came to selling my home, then finding my new place. ( and on my budget, and
my wish list for a new home) You made it seem so easy, and your calm,
professional manner made the whole process almost effortless for me as the
seller, and then the buyer. I was so scared to buy a place on my own, and
you guided me the entire time.

Thank you for your patience in answering all my questions, meeting with me
around my schedule, walking me through every detail, and mostly your

I always knew you were treating me the way you’d want to be treated. My heart felt appreciation”

—Rae Ritter

“As first time home sellers we were in need of an agent who could take us through the process from A to Z.  Katy’s knowledge of the market and warm personality made us feel comfortable from the outset.  Katy made sure OUR best interest was at the forefront of every conversation and decision, and that was extremely re-assuring to us.  In a buyer’s market we were very pleased with where we sold our house and much of that had to do with Katy’s hard work and research throughout the process.  We would highly recommend Katy to our friends. They would not be disappointed.”

—Matt and Amy McLaughlin

“We give Katy an A+ on the way she handled the listing and sale of our home in Gaithersburg.  Not only did Katy sell our home quickly and for the asking price, she squelched potential problems with the buyers that came up during the transaction.  If not for Katy, selling our house would surely have been an unhappy, stressful experience.  She understood our goals from the start and that selling a house can be a very emotional experience.  Katy provided excellent service that went above and beyond the sale of our home.”

—Jeff and Cynthia Edwards

“After interviewing four of the most effective Realtors we considered most knowledgeable of our neighborhood, we found Katy to be the most knowledgeable, aggressive, easy to work with, and most likely to market our home such that a quick sale would result. Katy provided comprehensive pricing information which enabled us to very quickly come to a conclusion about a fair asking price.  Since ours was one of the largest and most expensive homes in our neighborhood, we realized that a sale could take some time in the current economic conditions.  Thanks to Katy’s very effective marketing efforts including an almost immediate open house, we experienced a very large volume of traffic.  Although we received an early offer, Katy continued to market and show the house during the contingency period.  We attribute this extremely quick sale at full asking price to a magnificent effort by Katy. Working with Katy has been a wonderful experience!”

—Don and Maxine Scott

“After many years of market research and guidance, our agent and now friend, Katy Thoms, worked with us to successfully market our home, have it under contract in record time, and then as our buyer’s agent, Katy represented us to purchase our new home in upper Montgomery County. Throughout the entire process, Katy was attentive to our changing needs and continuously offered insight and guidance to navigate the ever-changing, complex real estate market. What truly impressed us was even though these transactions occurred at the height of Home Buyer Tax Credit days in April, May, and June of 2010, Katy was always professional, prompt, and precise. We offer our thanks and appreciation to Katy for her professionalism, for hanging in there with us over the years, and for ultimately helping us to move and secure the home of our dreams in a friendly neighborhood to raise our growing family.”

—Robert Wright

“Katy Thoms made a difference for us.  During the downhill portion of the unprecedented “down” market of 2008, Katy meticulously prepped our property, and ourselves, to sell.  Numerous properties were, and remain for sale in our neighborhood.  However, Katy accurately analyzed the local market, recommended reasonable improvements to our property, and facilitated buyer interest from the get-go.  Our friends have been amazed that we were able to list in mid– August and sell in late-September, in the midst of a financial crisis.  As one might expect in this type of market, only one buyer showed serious interest in our home, and there were several like properties in our neighborhood.  But, because in part of Katy’s expertise, we landed the buyer.  Next time we go to buy or sell a home, our agent is Katy.”

—Tim and Blythe McGinty

“We encountered  a difficult problem in trying to help a relative facing foreclosure in Clarksburg. The bank, instead of accepting a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, ordered us to attempt a “short” sale (in hard-hit Clarksburg, during the worst real estate and financial crisis since the Depression). Katy did a quick and effective job of pricing the property, placed it on the market it short order, and was able to snag two offers within the first two weeks. We evaluated the offers and chose the strongest one. Then the real work began. The negotiating process with the bank and our legal counsel stretched over a period of  months.  Fortunately Katy was able to maintain an open line of communication with the buyer, and keep them “on board” during the many twists and turns in this process. Finally, four months after the contract was signed, we were able to complete the sale. I don’t know that we could ask any more of a Realtor!”

—Mike from Montgomery Co.

“Katy Thoms sold my condo in 18 days! A thorough professional, she was fully considerate of my requirements and met them effectively and efficiently. I will not hesitate to engage her services again.”

–B. Kentlands

“From the very beginning when I met you, I knew you had credibility. That is probably the most important characteristic in a real estate agent other than their track record. Maybe it’s your background in education – I think there are a lot of skills one learns in teacher training and classroom experience that we teachers don’t give ourselves enough credit for! One of those is delivering your information clearly, concisely and honestly. I got a lot more info from you than I have from previous Realtors. I loved the fact that you recognized that your clients and your buyers needed to be educated not only about the home being put on the market, but about the community it was in. It resonated with me because the location of my home was my top priority as a buyer back in 2004, having lived close to Kentlands and spent a lot of time there since it was first being developed. It is so crucial that the agent know the community’s assets and advertise them.”

“The second thing you did was advertise the beauty of my condo and give your honest assessment of what needed to be done to sell it. I truly appreciate that you did not go overboard and suggest I give the entire place a makeover, which I could not afford. I think I knew what could reasonably be done within my budget, and you confirmed it for me. That is no small gift – I walked away feeling validated and supported, and an equal partner in selling the place. That resulted in faith that it would sell. It just felt right.”

“Third, sharing your background experience in the real estate market was also a factor in your credibility. The connections you have or that any Realtor has are a big plus – I think it gives you credibility with Realtors and they are less likely to try to “pull one over” on you. I like that you knew so many other Realtors.”

“Last, your ability to listen (again calling on the teaching experience, no doubt!) when I was feeling pessimistic because of the first two offers and console me with an upbeat outlook was a huge plus for me. I was pleasantly surprised at this response from you, was not expecting that from my Realtor! Your positive outlook always brought me back and gave me hope. Thank you for that.”

“To the Realtor who was more than a Realtor: thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is clear that you enjoy what you do, so you are lucky indeed — as are your clients!”

—Barb Martin

“From the moment we met Katy, we felt completely comfortable and confident that she would be able to sell our house. She was professional courteous and very accommodating to our schedule.   She knew how much and when we needed to sell by and she got it done. Being a military family we had a small window to sell and needed to rent back until the movers came.  She was extremely meticulous during every aspect of the selling process from getting our house “show ready” to the final walk through and signing.  She stood her/our ground when push came to shove.  Katy was always available when we needed her. We can’t wait to use her again when we move back to the DC metro area.”

—Justin and Nicole Wells
“Working with Katy made our entire home selling process effortless and easy. From the very beginning stages, including initial visit to our house, all the way through to closing, Katy demonstrated her professionalism and knowledge of residential real estate, while maintaining a personal and approachable demeanor.  Katy made it clear that she was working for us and went out of her way to make us feel like a priority. We would not only recommend Katy’s services but also know we would list with her again in the future.”

—Ernie & Laura Heymann, Kentlands

“Katy Thoms did a phenomenal job selling my mother’s house. She singlehandedly turned a disaster into a sale.”

“The process started shortly after my mother passed away. The house was in disrepair and filled with a lifetime’s accumulation of, well, stuff. Katy walked through the property and gave us a detailed assessment of the tasks to complete to sell the house. At first I was skeptical; there are plenty of horror stories about realtors coaxing homeowners into spending money only to make the realtor’s job easier. Yet I was able to independently verify that Katy’s recommendations were those that tended to generate more than $1 in sale price for each dollar invested. And at no time was I pressured into doing something that didn’t make sense to me.”

“After the cleaning and repair work was complete, Katy developed a marketing plan and set out expectations for the process. The process led to an offer, a couple counter offers, then finally an acceptance contingent upon a home inspection.”

“The home inspection was the disaster. The buyer wanted a release from the contract. I agreed to the repairs needed for the sale to any buyer, then dug in my feet, fully expecting the deal was lost. It was only through Katy’s determination and professionalism that the buyer ultimately agreed to our terms.”

–Greg Fitzwilliam

“Katy helped to list and sell our home in North Potomac in the summer of 2013. Katy provided expert advice throughout the entire process. Her professionalism and knowledge of the local real estate market were instrumental in our successful sale. We were under contract after only being on the market for 10 days and we sold for above list price, thanks to Katy’s expert advice.”

—Dave Gilles and Nanette Gilles

“We are so glad we chose Katy Thoms to list our home in Kentlands.  Because of her detailed and extensive marketing techniques we were able to sell our home quickly and for the price and terms we were looking for.  Her hands on approach is very organized and professional.  Each step along the way she provided us with the information we needed to make the necessary decisions without pressuring us in the least.  Our experience with Katy was excellent and we would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to sell their home.”

—Kirk & Karen Kley

“My house was truly an ‘ugly duckling.’ Katy had the vision of how to turn it into a “swan” through specific renovations.  With Katy’s expert guidance, it went onto the market at a very favorable price and sold quickly — even above the asking price.  Also, the renovation process was very smooth — relying on Katy’s extensive network of building professionals who completed the jobs on schedule and within budget.


“Our move to the Kentlands truly brought us home in so many ways…  We met so many wonderful people and easily put down roots in a community that will always remain the gold standard to which we compare all of our future homes. One of the challenges of our military lifestyle is the frequency of moves it requires.  The Kentlands brought us our seventh relocation in 6 years.  We have developed a system to help us move into a neighborhood that involves targeting neighborhoods based on school performance, locating a possible home with a realtor and then revisiting the neighborhood park that evening with kids to casually interview kids and parents about the pros and cons of where they live.  Everyone we met LOVED the Kentlands and we made our choice easily!”

“Three years later it was time for us to put into action our strategy for leaving our neighborhood.  We determined that we really wanted to use a realtor that was knowledgeable about the Kentlands, believing that familiarity would be invaluable to getting the outcome we needed.  We started doing our homework reviewing the internet and paper for comparable homes for sale, and looking closer at our house and it’s positives and negatives.  We started observing and visiting with the realtors in the Kentlands to get an idea of what they were saying about the local market.”

“We chose Katy Thoms months before she actually knew we were planning to sell our home.  We recognized that Katy was always willing to smile and say hello when you saw her.  We admired that she balanced her family and work responsibilities with poise and grace, but also had a determination to go the extra mile for a client, held firm to a strong work ethic and maintained a belief in the value of honest hard work.  When we approached Katy about the idea that we may be selling our house she was willing to meet with us and advise us on the marketability of home improvements we were considering. Several months later she happily arrived on my doorstep to discuss the selling process and answer any questions so I could prepare not only my house, but also our entire family for the sale of our home.”

“Katy Thoms went above and beyond to help us become first-time homeowners. She was patient and understanding as we began the process, allowing us room to make our own decisions about properties while still making sure we were informed consumers. Katy also made herself available at a moment’s notice if there was a property that we wanted to see. At one point during the process we made an offer in the midst of two major snow storms. Katy stayed in touch the whole time even during power outages to let us know the status of our offer. She even braved the streets in the aftermath of the storm to fax some necessary documents. To say that she was there for us along the way is an understatement – we couldn’t have done it without her. She kept us going when we started to lose hope and in the end she helped us find our perfect first place. We couldn’t be happier with our new home as well as the experience that we had working with Katy to find it.”

—Debra Weinstein & Russell Schaffer, Derwood

“We recently purchased a condo in Kentlands and had the pleasure of having Katy Thoms as our real estate agent. We had very specific ideas about what we were looking for, and Katy picked up our goals very quickly, zeroing in on what she knew we would appreciate. Throughout the entire process, Katy was incredibly knowledgeable about the area but also the surrounding area, ensuring that we did not miss any opportunities that may have been. Her overall experience, knowledge and resources made the entire process of buying our first home a very simple and enjoyable experience.”

–Mike and Ruthzaly Weich

“Katy did an exceptional job at finding me the perfect condo. I had a very specific timeline, budget, and location and when what I was looking for came on the market, she took me to see it immediately. Throughout the process, Katy kept in constant contact with me via email and phone and made sure that I understood everything that I was signing. I would highly recommend Katy. Her professionalism, timeliness and friendliness made the home buying process seamless!”

—Miranda B.

Chestertown“Just a note to thank you for your invaluable assistance in selling our former home and in purchasing our new home in the Kentlands.  You brought order to the chaotic mass of contract documents that are required to satisfy Federal, State and local authorities and our mortgage lender. While we were spinning out of control at the many problems that developed with respect the coordination of the sale of our former house and the purchase of the new house, you took charge and resolved the issues with a level of competence that I have rarely seen exhibited by real estate professionals. Your knowledge of real estate law and procedure, and your professionalism, were impressive.  I understand now why you are held in such high regard by your former clients and by your Realtor colleagues. Thank you again for everything.”

—David and Sue Goldberg

“I recently relocated from California to Maryland. When I found a house I wanted to purchase I was lucky enough to team up with Katy Thoms. Being new here I had many questions about inspections, rules and regulations, real estate laws and the like. Katy was great about walking me through the process. She never tired of answering my questions and always did so with a smile. I recommend her highly.”


“My wife and I were remarkably pleased with the level of service Katy brought to the home buying process. It was quite evident that Katy remains very much on top of the area’s real estate market, and therefore was able to prepare us for all the opportunities that would present themselves, but which would also fit our specific wish list. Her availability for questions and showings was excellent. Overall, I would highly recommend Katy as your choice of real estate agent.”

—Matt & Dora Patin

Kitchen“It has been wonderful to work with Katy Thoms. She has helped me embark on an exciting new adventure in my life. Katy assisted me in finding just the right house for me. My family feels right at home, instead of ‘mis-transplanted’! Katy’s diligence and hard work in dealing with a mostly “out of town” seller has been remarkable. I will always be grateful to Katy for helping me through this transition. I was so glad to have her by my side!”

-Andrea Golden

“I am delighted to be a reference for Katy. I met Katy at an open house in 2005 when I was first thinking of downsizing from a single family home in Potomac Glen to a condo. I wasn’t ready to move, but kept her card. In 2006, I made my decision, and used Katy to negotiate the purchase of my new condo. Much to my surprise, due to her client contacts she then immediately produced a buyer for my house! Both transactions went seamlessly. In 2012, in a very different market, I decided to sell the condo and relocate to Florida. I had seen the work of other realtors selling condos in my development, and was not impressed. I called Katy who I thought gave me excellent advice as to what fix-up and spruce up work to do, and what not to bother doing. She did a though job of presenting comparables to me, and we agreed on a listing price, and what we wanted to be the ending sales price. I thought she did an excellent job marketing the property, first with an outstanding series of professional photos for the internet which really made the unit and building look great, and then continuing with involving the neighbors in the first open house. She kept me informed during the process, and when we received an offer, encouraged me to hold out for the original end price we had agreed on initially. Sure enough, the buyer came up to that level. Her professional services continued as she prepared and presented to the buyer’s appraiser recent sales in neighboring areas that justified our price (which was higher than any other recent sales in my development). I am convinced that her work resulted in the end smooth sale at the price I thought was fair. I do recommend her without hesitation.”

—S Mahaffey, Gaithersburg

“We moved to Gaithersburg, Maryland in January of 2012 from New Jersey. We were renting a town home in the Lakelands to get a feel for the area and see where we might like to eventually buy a home. In May of 2012, we began to realize the market here was amazing….homes selling quickly at asking price or above! We went to our first Open House in the Kentlands and met Katy Thoms. Katy represented the seller at the time. We felt very comfortable with Katy and began our home buying search with Katy representing us as the buyers.

We found a beautiful single family home in the Lakelands and closed the deal in July of 2012. Katy was very patient, accommodating and was always available for our questions and to see homes that we were interested in! The closing process went smoothly and Katy was prepared and made sure we had all the right items completed to ensure that it went that way!”

-Steve and Pat Viehman, Gaithersburg, MD

Lake Vaurana“We wanted to thank you for the immense amount of time and energy you put into helping us find our dream house. We’re grateful to you for sticking with us through the process even though we were very demanding at times. You never pushed us in any direction we didn’t want to go, but listened to what we wanted and helped us obtain our dream house for a bargain price. Thanks again for your hard work and persistence.”

—Steve and Julia Robinson

“My experience with Katy couldn’t have been better! She handled the purchase of my new condo in Gaithersburg and had a buyer ready and waiting for my single family home in Rockville. I really appreciated her knowledge and professionalism.”

-Sue M

“Katy Thoms is professional, hard-working and thorough. Her experience and good nature made the home buying and selling process as stress-free as possible. She has been great every step of the way and we strongly recommend her services.”

—Josh and Loren Felsher

“I am writing this long overdue letter to thank you for helping me find my new home and for all of the extra effort it took for me to purchase a short sale. I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends who are in the real estate market.”

-Amy Schulz

Basement bar“Katy was a real help in the purchase of our new house. She was always one step ahead in anticipating our needs and made what could have been a stressful experience a real pleasure. She was always professional, thorough and available whenever we needed her.”

—John and Regina McCutcheon
Katy Thoms Makes the Grade!!

“Katy was very knowledgeable about the market, especially the Kentlands. She was wonderful at giving us immediate updates as houses became available. Because of Katy’s guidance and professionalism, we were able to find that perfect place to call home!”

-Ben and Susan Sykes

“It is my pleasure to write this testimonial for Katy Thoms. When I first met Katy she asked me to describe the house I was looking for. I described it thinking at the time that either I would not be able to find it or it would be out of my price range. Katy patiently took me around to see houses and they just didn’t seem to fit. Then she called one day and said there was a house coming on the market very similar to what I had described. It was exactly what I had described and more! Katy walked me through all the steps of buying the house – negotiations, inspections, mortgage application, etc. Everything went smoothly and I am now enjoying my “perfect” home!”

–Pam Klobukowski, Gaithersburg

Selling a home and leaving a place you love is never an easy process, but Katy stuck with us and kept us informed every step of the way.  She went above and beyond in so many ways to help us advertise our house, get the perfect buyer and the best price for our house.  She walked us through all the way to closing and beyond.  Many of the strategies Katy used to help us navigate our home sale have proven effective when implemented by our friends and family in other housing markets as well.  It was difficult to leave the Kentlands, but we have never regretted our decision to buy a home there or our choice of realtor.  Thank you Katy Thoms, for everything!”

—Scott and Jenny Waterman